We combine smart algorithms and sharp experts to deliver cutting edge solutions.

Synteda has now several trainings regarding AI


There are different levels of education:
- Basics for those who want to familiarize themselves with the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
- Profound training that can give detailed overview of this advanced technology and help to gain new skills.
Our trainings are focused on different target groups, from business owners and managers to software developers and architects. We are offering various formats: self-learning kit and in-class trainings.

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Jan Bosch article about Machine & Deep Learning: Non-Critical Deployment

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Jan Bosch article about Machine & Deep Learning: Experimentation Stage

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Synteda is a business partner in helping your company embrace the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our mission is to assist companies in leveraging the era of artificial intelligence effectively and achieve new advantages by delivering innovative solutions, training and advisory services.

We combine your data, business objectives and domain expertise with our cutting edge machine learning techniques and specialist competence to optimize your business.

Computer Vision

We transform computers into expert observers by enabling them to identify objects, analyze scenes and activities in digital or physical visual environments using proprietary code.

Machine Learning

Our analysts and engineers combine your data, objectives and domain expertise with our cutting edge and evolving algorithms to optimize your business using custom tailored solutions.


By utilizing innovative algorithms our team builds unique biometric solutions for your business. Our algorithms are based on several years research using robust multimodality biometric systems for recognition in composition to provide a new level of security and accuracy.

Data Science

Understanding the complex relationships between algorithms, business and statistics enables us to offer a specialst consultancy service that help you get the most from your data.


Right now we are looking for 2 talents. We often use continuous selection, which means means that interesting candidates can be contacted for an interview the same day we publish the position. Don't hesitate, send us your application right now!

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Developer with machine learning competence
Published 2019-06-17

We’re looking for a machine learning developer who has a persistent curiosity, passionate about building innovative solutions and thrives in an entrepreneurial environment.

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Computer vision Engineer
Published 2019-06-17

We are looking for a talented computer vision engineer with a strong background who enjoy working on complex problems.

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Didn't find anything that seemed like a good fit? No worries! We are always open to talking to interesting candidates with the right profile that want to work with us. Create a quick unsolicited application by leaving your name and contact info below and we will be in touch!

What can machine learning do for your business?

You need more than just common wisdom and intuition to make the most out of your data and business moving forward.

We believe our expertise in machine learning and artifical intelligence will help your company identify opportunities, create value and optimize processes.

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