Synteda today announce that it is acquiring Auqtus

The acquisition will significantly strengthen Synteda’s position in all IT sectors through Visual GUI Testing and Augmented Testing technology that will enable accelerated growth and expansion of Synteda’s offering to its customers.
Maycel Isaac, CEO and Founder of Synteda: “We are delighted to welcome Auqtus to Synteda, the complementary talents and propositions will help accelerate Synteda’s leadership in the area of Visual GUI testing (VGT) and Augmented Testing (AT). What Auqtus have achieved to date is impressive but together we can invest in realising the full potential of the business. By combining capabilities and leveraging Auqtus knowledge, with academic pedigree behind it, we are confident that we can offer even more innovative and flexible solutions to our customers.”
Founded in 2015, Auqtus has established itself as a highly regarded provider of VGT tools based on smart algorithms and AI. VGT, as shown through academic research, is both applicable and feasible in industrial practice and provides positive return on investment compared to equivalent manual testing. However, VGT scripts, like all automated test scripts, are still associated with development, maintenance and execution costs. Auqtus advancements in the area of AT aim to mitigate these challenges even further and foster a new era of testing. An era where humans no longer only instruct tools what to do but rather where humans work along side AI-driven tools to improve their joint testing capabilities in Human-Machine symbiosis.
Emil Alégroth, Managing Director Auqtus: “We are thrilled to join an industry leader like Synteda and believe this is a great strategic fit rooted in a shared mission and culture. We at Auqtus have developed and implemented some of the most advanced API libraries for VGT and AT in existence and are extremely proud of what we have accomplished. Together with Synteda, we have the exciting opportunity to further develop our capabilities and deliver even more services and value to customers worldwide to help them solve their everyday test- and quality-related challenges. We are now focussing on a smooth integration.”
Synteda managing team: “We knew from the beginning when we met Emil, and rest of Auqtus founders, that this agile, passionate and innovative group with their challenger attitude we love, would be a great fit at Synteda. Together, we will have a rich product offering that allow us to serve even more customers and in better ways than ever before. We are excited about what we can achieve together.”


About Synteda
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Maycel Isaac, CEO

Written by Editor, 2019-03-14