Synteda continues as partner with SERT

Words by Maycel Isaac, CEO and founder of Synteda: Every success starts with a dream. We help bring those dreams to life. At Synteda we assist companies to embrace the era of AI effectively and take advantage of its vast possibilities by delivering innovative solutions based on latest research. Synteda has grown rapidly since the start and has now offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Cracow. Synteda’s team of qualified experts provide assessments to identify challenges and explore different ideas to enhance effectiveness and develop specific algorithms to overcome company challenges. We continue working on several products and providing solutions to several clients within various industry fields in close collaboration with top universities in Sweden. Our collaboration in SERT gives us the possibility to strengthen our research as well as development. We are looking forward collaborating with SERT by contributing with our expertise to solve real challenges identified in the industry and create well-adapted solutions.

Written by Synteda, 2021-11-11