Reink will be launched at the Bokmässan the 22nd-25th of September

Reink is an environment-friendly initiative to give books a new live. This easy-to-use web application offers authors and publishers to publish their books to create a recurrent revenue stream and at the same time create a more sustainable world. Reink makes it easy for readers to find books nearby their location and share books effortless when finished. If more people read the same book, fewer trees need to be cut down.

Synteda will be attending the Bokmässan for the releasing of Reink. The Göteborg Book Fair is the most important event in Scandinavia for people in the book business.
It is also a manifestation of arts and culture, a four day long literary festival, a tribute to freedom of expression and a place for readers and writers to meet and celebrate the power of stories.

The attendants will be able to loan new and used books by simply scan a QR code. The money collected from each used book will be donated to Barncancerfonden, a non-profit association for families with children affected by cancer. The association carries out activities to bring happiness and security when life is at its most difficult. The work can be carried out thanks to voluntary commitment and contributions from companies and private individuals.

We hope to see you at BOKMÄSSAN 2022!.

Written by Synteda, 2022-09-19