Synteda is hosting a free digital seminar: Continuous Engineering

Software-intensive products and services are ubiquitous. Software is an essential component of most products and services. Most manufacturing processes, supply chains, and back-office functions depend on software. The ability to continuously improve software is crucial for businesses to respond to market opportunities and remain competitive. Software is also becoming increasingly large and complex. Organizations seek to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of software engineering to enable further growth without increasing the overhead and losing flexibility.

Continuous software engineering is a paradigm aiming to streamline software engineering by delivering software frequently and in small increments and, by doing so, reaping different benefits from fast customer feedback to continuous value delivery to customers. Transforming an organization from a non-continuous to a continuous software engineering paradigm and further calibrating continuous software delivery is a massive challenge. Specifically, aligning different stakeholders and parts of the organization, such as sales, marketing, planning, engineering, operations, customers, regulators, and alike, requires rethinking organizational structures, processes, and practices. All these changes can have a positive effect, e.g., an organization becomes better at delivering software. However, there is also a risk to disrupt already established customer relations or wasting resources by gaining capabilities that are never realized.

In my talk, I will share lessons learned from my ongoing research and industry collaboration. I will present opportunities for any organization to take the first steps towards data-driven process improvements and smart adoption of automation.

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Written by Synteda, 2023-03-31