Inspirational AI Seminar

Welcome to inspirational AI seminar for leaders, developers and entrepreneurs. In this seminar you will take a step into the world of AI and get ideas on how your organization can benefit the most from artificial intelligence.

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Basic knowledge of AI and how it can be used.
Idea generation and awareness on how your organisation can gain from AI.
Get knowledge about how AI will look like in the future.

Main Topics

- What is AI and Machine learning (definition of intelligent systems and examples of how it is used today)

- Cognitive revolution (historical perspective)

- The importance of AI in automation for scalability

- Industry and research projects (automotive, healthcare, energy)

- The future of AI


English and Swedish


45 min


Skånegatan 29, Gothenburg


23 may, 7:30
20 juny, 7:30
18 july, 7:30
22 August, 7:30
19 September, 7:30
17 October, 7:30
21 November, 7:30
19 December, 7:30