Introduction to AI for managers

In this training you will learn what is AI and the meaning of common terminologies, including machine learning, deep learning and data science. You will gain understanding on how AI can improve and benefit your organisation and also the steps you need to take in order to create and AI roadmap for your organisation. This training can be customized for your business needs.

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Learn what is AI and the meaning of common terminologies(Machine learning, deep learning and Data science)
Get inspiration from best practices within various industries.
Learn how you create an AI roadmap for your organization.

Main Topics

- AI seminar

- Implementation and effects of AI in the organization.

- Organization setup necessary for AI.

- Core competence.

- Innovation Ecosystem

- Culture

- Customer journey assessment

- Group work and presentation of a specific real-life scenario within AI. The purpose is to understand that it is possible to insert AI in any kind of activity.

- AI roadmap


1 day (4 hours to 8 hours)


English and Swedish


Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö


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