Computer vision Engineer

We are looking for a talented computer vision engineer with a strong background who enjoy working on complex problems.

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What is this about?

As a member of the team you will use your deep understanding of computer vision for the development of various platforms and algorithms and transfer your ideas into solutions. You will work closely with other researchers.

What are we looking for?


• Develop Computer Vision solutions used for different applications
• Innovate IPRs
• Participate in team activities on developing software tools and ways of working

Required skills and qualifications

• Experienced MSc, PhD, or equivalent in Computer Science, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, or Physics
• Knowledge in computer vision, analytics and image processing
• Ability to formulate problems and solve them independently and in groups
• Strong analytical skills and ability to acquire new knowledge, apply it, and spread it to others
• Excellent knowledge in computing software and experience in Python, C/C++ and others
• Strong communication skills in written and spoken English and good presentation skills

Strong advantages

• Experience of innovation and secure protection in IPR´s
• Signal processing and sensor fusion with an understanding of sensors and models.

Links to your CV and/or portfolio, for example.
Write a little something about yourself and why you are interested in this position.