Data Scientist

We are looking for an innovative data scientist with strong machine learning skills to join our team of data analysts, engineers and data scientists.

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What is this about?

You will work in a variety of projects in an agile environment building and implementing solutions in a fast pace.
You are creative and passionate problem solver that can cooperate alongside experienced engineers with a full range of technical skills delivering high quality results.

What are we looking for?

• Collaborate with data scientists and help them test and develop new algorithms.
• Research, build and implement new solutions.
• Build and analyze new data models
• Application of optimization techniques to previous projects
• Analyze multi-variable data sets

Required skills and qualifications
• You have excellent knowledge in machine learning methods
• Good understanding of data engineering practices and data modelling.
• Solid experience in multi-variable analysis
• You have experience working with large data sets and distributed computing tools.
• Good knowledge of Python and relevant data science packages such as Numpy, Scipy, Pandas and basic mathematical modelling.
• Knowledge of scientific computing language such as R.
• Previous experience building machine learning models and data visualization.
• Strong communication skills.
• You are fluent in written and spoken English
• Good presentation skills.

Strong advantages
• Advance mathematical modeling skills.
• Experience building forecasting models using machine learning.
• Experience working with AWS, Azure or GCP

Links to your CV and/or portfolio, for example.
Write a little something about yourself and why you are interested in this position.