Development and Deployment

Synteda builds the customized solution adapted to meet your company’s goals and plans. Solutions are developed together with you using agile methods and from a complete system perspective. Synteda always recommend the best suitable and the latest technologies within artificial intelligence (AI), Computer Vision (CV) and Blockchain(BC) to meet the highest standard in the market.


Workshop -Data collection

Typically, valuable information comes from heterogenous sources of data, which often needs to be refined by pre-processing methods to obtain accurate and high-quality data.


Proof of concept

We provide a working solution that demonstrates if the chosen solution is successfully applicable, capable of solving your needs and achieve real benefits. The work is preferably preformed in an agile manner with frequent feedback, interaction, and updates.



Create an agile team to build and implement a custom AI, CV and/or BC solutions for your needs starting with a small amount of your data and gradually scaling it up to gather feedback from you and verify the effectiveness of the solution.



The solution is deployed using advanced algorithms to optimize and improve your current products, systems and programs. As a part of the post-deployment Synteda experts provide you with the right tools to assess AI/CV/BC effectiveness to ensure a responsive and high-quality maintenance.

We make sure your AI, CV and/or BC launch is a success

We provide and deliver software that adheres to high standards for safety and quality and considering and avoiding ethical risks. We adapt and develop algorithms specific for your organization's challenges.