We help you in your journey to create smart and innovative products or services to provide a better experience for you and your costumers.

Do not start the journey unless you are prepared to do it properly!

We know what it takes!

Create prerequisites

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    Aim and generate

    Focus on the right things. You can take responsibility for your own future by understanding how different futures can look like for example by ”scenario planning”. Understand your customers by looking at the customer journey. Focus on and then create Insight in the areas you think are relevant to you. Once the challenges and opportunities are identified, methods are needed to create a creative environment that generates many and good ideas, such as Innovation workshops, Innovation events and Hackathons.

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    Build and test

    An idea needs to be tested and the best way to evaluate them is to build simple prototypes (Minimal Viable Products) and test them on real people. When you have done that, you probably did not succeed on the first attempt. You have to go back to the drawing board and redo. Then you test again. In this area, we collaborate with a number of companies that are better at it than us. Remember that an idea is sacred and must not be killed by anything but technology that does not work, people do not want it or it is not possible to make money.

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    Create persistence

    Conducting an idea generation event or a customer journey analysis is energizing and fun, but without following it up or kill ideas for the wrong reasons, the culture of innovation is damaged! We recognize the phases a company goes through to become more innovative. Make sure you always become a little bit better. Subscribe to our coaching program and be reminded by us, learn new insights all the time or why not create an annual circular process and let innovation always go on.

Protect your ideas with an IP-workshop

You have a fantastic product or service idea and you want to be alone with it for the foreseeable future. We know how to squeeze as much IP, Intellectual Properties, out of the idea as possible and thus stop others from implementing the idea by going around the patents. We are a very creative team with equal technical expertise and have more than 35 patents together. As a bonus, an IP-workshop often ends with more great ideas that extend your offer.

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