Digitalization based on AI

Artificial intelligence can offer significant competitive advantages. Adopting AI into the business solutions gives better results which optimize the production with a seamless maintenance.

Face and person recognition by patented methods

Our experts use unique algorithms with the power of deep learning techniques to recognize face or person. Our technology provide fast recognition with high accuracy.

Location analytics by machine learning

Give better services to your customers using location analytics based on machine learning. AI allows to learn patterns of human behavior, collect data and analyze it, so your company can offer an exceptional customer service and smart advertising.

Internet of things development

Create unique Internet of things solutions connecting devices, control systems and advanced analytical tools. With strong experience in data analytics and machine learning we integrate deep learning algorithms to analyze data in real time to improve customer service.

E-commerce product development

We offer development for your e-commerce platform. Our focus is to create and build an intuitive online store appealing user experience to engage the users and maximize the business profit.


We provide intuitive, easy-to-use and accurate IT solutions in order to enhance healthcare with cost-effective and secure use of information and communication.

Management surveillance systems

Security market demands advanced technology to solve complex problems. We provide innovative analytics solutions to suit all your applications.

Customer relationship management

Manage interaction with current and potential users by data analysis to improve business relationships and drive sales growth. Using our solutions for CRM systems you can collect data and use more precise direction for marketing of products and services.