We are a skilled team with diverse talents and focus areas with a shared dedication for creating new and exciting opportunities using machine learning and A.I.
PhD student on augmented testing and machine learning

Michel has been working and developed several Visual GUI Testing tools. Michel is a senior developer with background as a test expert and agile coach.

Innovation manager and Senior technical advisor

Anders is known as skilled and driven innovation manager with more than 25 years of experience of international and national large-scaled corporates.

Senior Innovation doer, PhD in Engineering Psychology

Dr Staffan has succeeded to create more than 30 patents by his vast experience in the field of innovative human business symbiosis.

Senior developer with focus on Artificiell Intelligence

Mattias is a creative fullstack and machine learning developer with a problem solving mindset and a preference for C# and Swift.

CEO and Chairman, expertis in computer vision and machine learning

Dr Maycel has a wide-ranging network and strong skills in the development of companies in the various phases from business concept to an business exit.

Senior technical advisor and Senior program manager

Lars-Olof is a passionate agile leader with solid technical background with a proven track record of leading large and complex IT solutions in a global environment.

User Interface expert for advanced technologies

Carla is a multidisciplinary designer with experience and strong focus on visual story telling through the use of colour, typography and composition.

Senior Technical Advisor and expert in computer vision and artificiell intelligence

Professor Antanas internationally world known for his enormous work within Image Processing with focus on artificial neural network technology.

Professor and Pioneer in search-based testing

Professor Robert has vast experience in software development. He is a pioneer of using AI and search in software engineering as well as in human factors.

Senior technical advisor and Senior program manager

Azin is a passionate leader with solid technical background and business acumen with a proven track record of leading complex IT deliveries.

Global Business Manager and Senior Product Manager

Sattar has vast knowledge in Agile methodologies (PhD thesis with focus on agile), International Business development and IT project management.

Technical Advisor and expert in mathematics and machine learning

Dr Ivar has proved by research that mathematics and statistics are the ground truths for understanding machine learning.

Chief Analytics Officer(CAO), Datascientist and Architect

Joachim is descriped as a ambitious and engaged developer and architect. Experience of development with more than 20 years on Microsoft platform.

Technical Advisor and expert in Automated GUI-based Testing

Dr Alégroth is an empirical researcher with focus on intelligent GUI-based testing with multiple international publications in the area.

Professor, Senior Technical Advisor with focus on strategy and digitization.

Professor Jan has vast experience in leading large corporate and creating and transforming several start-up from the start to exit.

Senior Developer, Datascientist and Visionary

Raphael has substantial skills in a wide range of programming languages.. He has significant knowledge in Machine learning.

Chief Technology Officer with expertise in ML and computer vision

Dr Stefan is an experienced researcher with skills in computer science, especially artificial intelligence, data mining and machine learning

Front-end developer, Datascientist and Innovator

Gustav is a skilled software developer with a strong passion for web, IOT and machine learning. Problem solving and creative person.